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We focus on teamwork, cooperation, and collaboration on all of our projects. We are able to ensure our client's success by bringing the strongest possible team to each consulting engagement. We offer services in:



QED has extensive experience managing projects across many Federal Government agencies. We provide competitive choices that address the entire Program Management spectrum to include: hands-on management of personnel resources, budget execution, monitoring, reporting, and delivery of products and services that exceed the customer’s expectations and deliverable requirements.


In approaching any consulting engagement, we apply the following principles that we believe are the fundamental basis of our continued success: Teamwork, Quality, and Continuous Improvement. Our approach is based on all of the traditional program management principles and we use many of the recommended project management tools and techniques. We recognize that successful program management requires intricate planning and is dependent on the ability to adapt to challenges quickly and make key adjustments that have an immediate and positive impact.

Representative Capabilities:

  • Program Office Support, Implementation, and Change Management Support

  • Communications and Outreach

  • Research and Analytic Support

  • Technical Documentation

  • Risk Management Analysis

  • Meeting and Team Facilitation

Program Management


The administrative support function is the backbone of most offices. QED believes investment in skilled resources to support these activities is a value we provide, both in productivity increases and ease of day-to-day operations. Maintaining calendars for personnel, conference rooms, and equipment ensures that the office operates efficiently. Maintaining office files, including documents and reports, is also important to ensure that information is stored and available to those who need it. It is particularly important to ensure that information is secured and protected. These office support functions allow an organization to meet all of the Federal requirements, while efficiently and effectively meeting the programmatic mission.



Representative Capabilities:

  • Meeting Planning and Documentation

  • Written and Verbal Communication

  • Governance/Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development

  • Stakeholder Outreach and Engagement

  • Electronic and Paper File Maintenance

  • Calendar and Resource Tracking

Administrative Services


QED provides Information Technology (IT) resources to several governmental offices. Our staff provides website and database design, development, and maintenance, as well as, project management support that meet today's standards. We have extensive experience managing internet, intranet, social media, or Sharepoint/Knowledge Service Network (KSN) sites. We use our experience and expertise to design functional, aesthetically pleasing sites that meet federal accessibility requirements. We work with subject matter experts and content managers to ensure the content is up-to-date and contains the accurate information users need.  We maintain back-ups of all materials and support site restoration when issues occur. 


Representative Capabilities:

  • Requirements Gathering and Collection

  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0

  • Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines

  • Security Management

  • Communication/Network Support

  • Web Design and Content Development



QED has significant knowledge and experience across many government agencies, related to the development of standard operating procedures (SOPs), supporting documentation, and management/leadership training. Whether we are developing SOPs, training courses, or user support materials, we tailor our approach to the specific product and the client. We work closely with the client to ensure that the approach supports their needs and the objectives of the product and target audience. The successful foundation of our approach is organizing, facilitating, and collaborating with cross-functional teams, system administrators, subject matter experts, instructors, vendors, and other stakeholders to identify product requirements, create technical content, monitor the post-implementation effectiveness of the products, and update materials as necessary.


Representative Capabilities:

  • Course Design

  • Training Material Development (e.g., workbooks, instructor materials,  reference materials, courseware, job aids,  
    web-based learning)

  • Course Planning (e.g., scheduling, site and equipment logistics, completion documentation, post-training evaluation)

  • Training Delivery (e.g., platform instruction, assisting instructors, help desk services)

  • Training Evaluation and Assessment

  • Quality Assurance/Continued Course Maintenance

  • Executive Coaching

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